Hallway styling – must know tricks

There will be no hall passes for badly styled hallways! Hallway styling is easy! But before we smash into this week’s blog, I thought I’d mention we still have a couple of tickets left  for our up and coming paint colour workshop at Studio Black. This event has previously sold out, twice! So get in quick and book your tickets for this fun-filled evening of wine, food, and colour! See you there 🙂 Click here for more info and tickets.

Rightio, hallways. As I was saying, they are super easy to style as you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Bench seats

Bench seats, with their narrow form, and hallways are a match made in heaven.  Anchor your bench seat by placing artwork, a mirror or coat hooks on the wall above and don’t be afraid to make a bold statement by going large and colourful! But don’t just stop there. Treat your bench seat like a sideboard and style it with stacked books, candles, urns, vases, cushions, baskets for shoes etc.  There are some great ideas on Pinterest for styling bench seats.



Mirror, mirror on the wall…

If you’ve got a fairly gloomy and dark hallway, draw light into the space by using a large mirror. Placing a mirror at the end of your hallway will also give your space a greater sense of depth. I just love this oversized round mirror!


Oh so important lighting

If you want your hallway to have x-factor, well-considered lighting is key. Do you have a storage unit that could benefit from a gorgeous overhead feature pendant? Or, do you have a feature wall that could be enhanced by a gentle wash of down lights? If you’re an art lover, then go for a quality non-compact LED or fluorescent with high colour rendering (CRI 90+). Low colour rendering bulbs tend to misrepresent colours, making them less vibrant and more muddy, in particular, the colour red.



Repetition elongates space

Repetition will make your hallway appear longer, whether it’s a series of prints, a row of feature pendent lights or up lights dotted down the corridor. So, if you’re trying to make your hallway seem more spacious, then repeat after me, repetition is key!

Adios for now xxx


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