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auckland_interior_designer_19Being a renter myself, I am all too familiar with the feeling of disconnection to your home. The last thing you want to do is put all of your time, money and effort into an interior of a house that’s not even yours, right? Why would I go out and buy furniture and “stuff” for a nest that may relocate to a different tree one day?

I’ve recently come to the realisation that I was looking at it the wrong way. As you age, your (and your family’s) sense of style  starts to become more apparent. Yes, perhaps you struggle with how to bring it altogether but this will come with time, practice and, quite frankly the guts to just give it a go!

You know what you like and what you don’t. You know the type of lifestyle you’d like to live – so start living it now I say! You don’t have to splash out the big bucks on heavy over sized pieces of furniture. Just start small and just see where it leads you as your confidence builds.

Start gathering timeless pieces that you’ll love forever; art, objects, fabrics and so on. Pieces that you have a connection with, that bring on a fond memory or emotion and that can move with you into just about any interior.

My advice is don’t wait until the perfect day when that villa on a 5 acre block falls into your lap. Act now! Make like a magpie and start collecting now! You’ll start to feel so much better even with the smallest of changes. Here are some easy ways to splash your mark on your impermanent abode and become the stylish renter!



Scouting for vintage stuff is so much fun! Call up one of your girlfriends and make it a monthly Saturday morning date – with coffee stops along the way of course. I’m not suggesting buying vintage for the sake of vintage. Rather, scouring the earth for things that evoke a warm sense of home and more often than not its preloved items with their aged patina that will achieve this.

The cool thing about interiors these days is, you can get away with pulling together a range of different styles (old and new) in the one space! The result? A timeless interior that makes perfect for us renting nomads!


Clever storage

The stylish renter knows to avoid committing to large items such as a large hallway sideboard. These pricey pieces are very site-specific and may not fit in your next home. Instead, look for modular storage systems, such as vintage boxes stacked on each other and cane or wire baskets.



I know I keep banging on about pot plants but they really do bring an interior back from the dead. Plants add colour and texture to a space. Mix up the textures by selecting a variety of plants; large leaves, small leaves, succulents, variegated, cascading, climbing and so on. And the best part is, plants never date and can be taken with you. My mother has indoor plants that are 15+ years old! Don’t just limit plants to the interior, place large pots as a focal point in your garden or a row on your deck. I’ve packed mine with rosemary and white petunias, the combination is so elegant! However, beauty comes at a price, so be prepared to be watering every day during the summer.


Colour bomb!

You don’t have to paint the walls to add colour to a space. Introduce colour through cushions, throws, rugs and art. Art can be taped to the wall to give a casual look. Rugs are the perfect way to add colour and comfort whilst covering those pesky stains the previous tenant left behind.

Candlelight cosines – the stylish renter

Never underestimate the power of candle light. Have them dotted around everywhere; on furniture, suspended from trees and in oversized lanterns on the floor. It’s an elegant and affordable way of decorating.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my The Stylish Renter blog post. Are you are renter? Share your tips on how you’ve personalised your rental home in the comment box below…


Interior Designer, BDVA (HONS)

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