White White White

This room is very WHITE but it’s far from boring. Why? The key is texture overload and layering! If white is your favourite flavour, rock with it! But make sure you have loads of texture.

The wall hung tapestry, chunky woven rug, parquet wood flooring and traditional trim and door paneling all offer texture. The furniture is beautifully anchored with the over sized rug and low hanging light, avoiding the risk of the furniture looking like it’s floating in thin air.

Although this interior is mainly white, there are subtle pops of colour; notice the greenery in the far right corner, the grey cushion and gold coffee table. All are subtle in tone and don’t overwhelm or draw attention away from the main feature of the room – white.

Also note worthy, is the layout of the furniture. It encourages and enables conversation with the furniture placed in a semi-circle. We humans, well most of us, are social beings so there’s nothing worse than walking in to a living space and seeing a large couch pushed up against the wall. By it’s self. Facing the TV. Not exactly conducive to creating conversation. True no?

I’m not saying watching TV is bad, I love watching TV its one of the only ways I can totally switch off these days! Just take a look at your space and ask your self, how can I make this room more inviting for people to socialise? Add a couple of armchairs? Re-orientate the focus of your room from the TV? Pull your furniture away from the wall so it’s centered around your sizable coffee table? All very good food for thought.

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Interior Designer, BDVA (HONS)

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