Explore your story (your past, present and future) and awaken your observation skills by actively noticing everyday details that make your heart sing. Make this practice of looking for details part of your daily life. It’s about being present in the moment, noticing your surroundings and getting to know yourself on a deeper level.

If you haven’t started at my first blog, then worked your way through them in order, then hit pause and jump back. I’ve purposely written these blogs in a particular order so that it’s easier for you to digest and learn my Create A Home With Heart design strategy. Click here and start from the beginning, I’ll see you back here soon xxx


If you are not quite ready to start your home interior project but you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve, I recommend you start your gathering process now! The more time you give yourself, the better. Remember these images aren’t going to be of interiors that you like, but instead, they will be images of colours, patterns, texture, materials and objects that tell your story.


How you keep track of your finds is up to you, here’s how I do it:

  • I have a couple of notebooks (one in my house and one in my car), so I can quickly sketch any patterns, details or ideas
  • I have a Pinterest board where I house any online images I find. I also upload photos from my phone on to this board. You can see my boards here https://www.pinterest.ch/loubrowndesign/walk-the-talk/
  • Keep a box with magazine clippings, photos I’ve printed out and any sample swatches of materials etc.

Soon you will have a wealth of images and things that tell your story, that you have a deep connection with and that you can call upon to inspire your project. You may not use them all, but they’re ready to be called upon when you need the inspiration. How exciting is that?


Create A Board

When you are ready to start your home interior project, bring together everything you’ve collected. It’s time to create a physical inspiration board. It needs to be a physical board so you can place it somewhere you can view every day and easily modify it by unpinning and swapping out images.

I recommend buying a pinboard that is either black, white or grey, and that is 900 x 1200mm. Most stationery or hardware shops like Bunnings have them.

For the pins, simpler the better. I use these silver sewing pins. By memory, I get them from The Warehouse.

First Cut

Go through your notebooks and cut out your best sketches, peruse your online Pinterest board and print out your top images, and rummage through your box and pull out your favourite goodies. Pin these to your inspiration board and place your board in a spot you’ll see it every day.


Over the next few weeks, refine your board by taking away and adding things until you have a collection that makes your inner girl squeal with glee!

Join me for my next blog, where I show you the power of this board and how to use it to inspire your home interior.

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Hayley x


Auckland Interior Designer