Project Description



We were honoured to be the selected as the interior designer for the phenomenally popular Love Where You Live room makeover competition. In association with Guthrie Bowron and The Hits, Lou Brown design delivered beautiful new spaces to three very deserving winners from around New Zealand.


Little Chloe (8) from Auckland was the first winner and despite the challenge of a level 4 lockdown, we managed to deliver a gorgeous bedroom that reflects Chloe’s bright and bubbly personality!

We decided her new room should be simple yet stylish, and promised Chloe we would include things that are significant in her life. Chloe is an animal lover so we selected Leopard print wallpaper on the feature wall and tied this in with a print of her favourite animal, a husky.

The biggest challenge was the size of Chloe’s bedroom, which is very small, so we needed to find ways of increasing storage and generally making it look bigger. A kitset loft bed with desk underneath was the perfect solution. It’s a king single so there’s plenty of space to top and tail on sleepovers.

Other finishing touches include lush plants that reflect Chloe’s love for Bali, foraged foliage from the nearby beach and customised photo frames which we mounted using rope to add an extra maritime-inspired note to the room as a nod to her favourite past time; fishing with Grandad.

The result is a bedroom that is the envy of all Chloe’s friends. And we made sure it’s a room that will grow with her!

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A neglected room in need of love belonged to the second competition winner, Heather from Palmerston North. The brief was to transform this space into a peaceful and serene guest bedroom.

A clever blend of nature-inspired elements has resulted in an airy, coastal vibe, incorporating treasured items that pay homage to Heather’s family history and love for vintage items, including a picture that was painted by her grandmother, a monogrammed trunk that belonged to her grandfather and various other vintage styling touches.

The overpowering red walls were painted in a delicate blue that’s restful and calming. To add a touch of dramatic elegance, we used a silver floral-patterned wallpaper on the ceiling. A few accents of black including a lantern style central light and antique bed lamp add contrast and glamour to the space.

Heather was blown away by the reveal and may struggle to give the space up for her future guests! The room is a very light, bright one where Heather loves to relax and read, while enjoying a cup of tea.

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Lynette’s beauty room is the first thing that the customer sees so it was really important to create a space that reflects her values. She’s a bright, outgoing person, so we created a room that mirrors her personality. She wanted something glamorous and bright, but earthy too (as a nod to her love of nature & the outdoors).

Glamour was added with striking black velvet drapes, hung on rods positioned well above the top of the main window to create drama. Meanwhile, earthiness was introduced in the form of wooden look flooring and the beautiful Lisbon rug. Another natural touch is the textured wallpaper with a grass-cloth look and we complemented these by adding an eye-catching leafy feature wall mural.

Lynette was blown away by our ability to recognise and include aspects of her life and personality. It’s our unique ‘Lou Brown’ signature and gives her business the heart and soul it needs to be a huge success!

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