A very special project for one tough client; my toddler son Travis! Designing a nursery that seamlessly grows with your child can be challenging but so much fun. Weaving in meaningful objects that tell a story is a great place to start.

This playful room has an African/explorer vibe which comes from my love of animals and love of Africa. Custom wood boxes have been greyed off to look like the crates that exotic animals are freighted in. The lion artwork was a black & white print I customised by adding lots of colour (all finger painted by me whilst pregnant!) and the statement wallpaper pulls the African theme together in a beautifully whimsical way.

Vintage books & teddies that were once mine now fill the shelves and I’ve used bits & pieces (feathers, acorns, leaves etc) that little Travie has collected on our many walks to style the room. Many of the ornaments and toys are treasured gifts from family & friends.

Not surprisingly Travie has turned out to be a huge animal lover too so this bedroom is perfect for my little explorer.

Hayley x