Our interior design brief was to turn this house into a beautiful character home that reflected our clients’ love for New Zealand Art. The stunning collection included pieces from Kirsty Nixon, Mike Rowland, Margaret Petchell, Flox, Jen Sievers, Donna Massey, Jenni Stringleman, Arwen Flowers, Mike Geers & Matt Payne.

Surrounded by lush green paddocks on which the client bred Alpacas; we were able to weave together their passion for these gorgeous animals with their love for NZ art. We commissioned two custom artworks, one a painting of their favourite Alpaca and the other a contemporary piece depicting the much-loved landscape. Beautiful throws were woven from the Alpaca wool and used to add texture to the space.

The artworks provided the inspiration for the bold colours reflected in the interiors. Custom furniture was designed to complement, including beside tables, a study desk and coffee tables.

The result is a beautiful home that truly honours the work of the New Zealand artists displayed within.