My Bathroom Reveal

Presenting my very own bathroom sanctuary. It’s relaxed yet elegant, don’t you think? From tranquil moments (me lying in the bath, hiding from kids with a glass of vino) to daily routines, this space is all about comfort and functionality. Let’s delve into how I created my bathroom and look at my top interior design tips for bathrooms that will transform your space into a sanctuary of style and comfort.


When it comes to bathroom lighting, consider the focal points and features within your space. Identify what you want to highlight. In my own bathroom, I wanted to draw attention to the luxurious bath. To achieve this, I installed narrow beam recessed downlights that gracefully wash down the drapes surrounding the bath, creating a soothing ambience at night. Additionally, a central pendant light provides general illumination, while two wall lights on either side of the mirror offer task lighting. The key is to place lights at different heights to give the bathroom a balanced and inviting vibe.


Vanity units are often ugly! When hunting for one for my bathroom, I couldn’t find anything I like breaking the bank on a custom piece. Instead, I chose a beautiful piece of furniture and had it customised to fit my needs. The plumber skillfully incorporated plumbing, while the builder modified the top drawer to accommodate the pipes. To protect the wood, which wasn’t originally intended for wet areas, I applied a coat of Briwax for added water resistance.


Bathrooms can sometimes feel cold and unwelcoming, resembling bunkers more than relaxing retreats. Inject character and warmth into your bathroom with these tips:

  • Drapes: My drapes are never even used if I’m honest! The just add that soft layer, texture, sound absorption and frame the bath.
  • Art: Incorporate a large piece of art to infuse colour and personality into the room. This is a a great opportunity to add a piece of art that reflects your story in some way, whether it be a photo of something you love or in my case, this picture of birds which reminds me of camping in Australia.
  • Wall Texture: Instead of traditional tiles, consider adding another texture to your walls. In my bathroom, I opted for 10mm x 60mm paneling spaced at approximately 300mm intervals, which has become a standout feature. Other options include wainscoting, plastered render, dado lines with tongue and groove, or timber paneling.
  • The inclusion of timber elements, whether in the form of a stool, vanity unit, or paneling, adds a comforting warmth.
  • Rugs: Don’t hesitate to place a cozy rug in your bathroom for added comfort and style.


Introduce moments of contrast to create visual interest in your bathroom. In my design, I incorporated black accents that stand out against the white walls, including the curtain rod, shower glass trim, and a striking black mirror. There’s also a striking contrast between the traditional-style panelling and modern fixtures, adding depth and dimension to the space.

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Hayley x