Answers to your questions

I go by both names, Hayley and Lou, and you’re welcome to use either. The nickname Lou was given to me by my mum for reasons only known to her, and throughout my upbringing, my family and friends have consistently referred to me as Lou. :)

It starts with a free Strategy Session to check the fit.

Then, I meet with you for an Initial Consultation $547 + GST.

Our full-service Room Reveal design fee options kick off from $6947 + GST for each room. The cost can change depending on the design elements and the work required for the space. Please note that this doesn’t cover your furniture and fit-out budget, but I’ll be able to help you with that aspect.

If you’re looking to take the reins on your interior project but could use solid expert advice, our popular in-home consultation, known as the Weave Your Magic Consultation, is a great fit. The price for the consultation is $655 + GST.

Our clients have busy lives, and that’s one reason they entrust us with the entire process. It’s underestimated how much detail goes into every area, particularly when dealing with elements like lighting, wall finishes, custom furniture, and cabinetry. Larger projects, with multiple spaces in progress, involve complex spreadsheets with countless specifications. This can overwhelm clients who already have a lot on their plate, needing them to approve and be present for numerous aspects simultaneously. This situation becomes unenjoyable for both parties. Limiting the focus to three spaces enables clients to make clear decisions without feeling swamped. It maintains project momentum, as clients can comfortably make choices.

Budget plays another crucial role. Instead of spreading resources thin throughout the house, concentrating on and fully completing selected rooms yields better results. This approach provides a benchmark for the remaining spaces. As budget and resources become available, those other rooms can be ticked off. We’ve demonstrated time and time again, that transforming one space at a time leads to a rewarding journey for both us and the client.

The budget depends on what your space requires. To gauge that, note down a quick list of potential furniture and furnishing items you might need. For instance, let’s consider a lounge. Your list could resemble this:

  • 2x Sofas
  • Coffee table
  • 2x Side tables
  • 2x Armchairs
  • Rug
  • 6x Cushions
  • Tall plant
  • Planter
  • Styling accents (tray, coffee table book, candle, vase, etc.)
  • Console unit
  • Window furnishings – making
  • Window furnishings – fabric
  • Pendant light
  • Wall lights
  • Wallpaper

Afterwards, do a quick online search for each item to get a ballpark idea of pricing.

Furniture is fairly straightforward, but the challenge lies in renovation work. Since you’re unaware of what you don’t know, it’s tough to determine your exact needs. Your designer will determine this and show you what’s possible. This could entail painting, wall panelling, shifting walls, ceiling panelling, wallpapering, flooring, lighting, automation and more. Even with our 15 years of experience, I can’t give you a precise answer. Each space is unique, ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 plus.

During the initial consultation and before we start any design work, I will help you define the furniture, furnishings and fit-out budget for each space.

We’re all about room reveals – they’re our passion and expertise! They bring less stress for everyone, as your home transforms while you’re away for the day. Witnessing the client’s reaction is incredibly rewarding.

When it comes to larger projects with multiple spaces, the complexity of spreadsheets and specifications can overwhelm clients. By concentrating on three spaces, decision-making becomes clearer, project momentum stays strong, and client stress is minimised.

Not really. Just have a basic outline of what you’re struggling with and a list of priorities. Then book a free strategy session with me here.

Once you’re on board, I’ll show you how to gather the information you need before the project starts. We have tools and processes for helping you define your story and style, budget and timeline.

It starts with a Free Strategy Session, which generally has a lead time of 1-2 weeks. You can book here.

If we are the right fit for each other, we book an Initial Consultation. This meeting usually happens within 2-3 weeks.

Depending on our design calendar for the year, it is often a 1-3 month wait from “yes” to starting design work on your project. We take a limited number of projects per year 4-6 Room Reveal projects a year (depending on size).

Now, as for our design calendar, the timeline can vary. From the moment you give us the green light, it’ll take 1-3 months before we dive into designing your project. We will be able to give you a start date during your Initial Consultation. We keep things exclusive, taking on just 4-6 Room Reveal projects annually (size-dependent).

The final completion date of the project is determined in STEP 6 of our design journey, during Order Placement. This step is where we get down to brass tacks, factoring in delivery times and crafting an installation schedule. We can’t predict the estimated arrival time of non-stock items until after the order is made. For instance, consider a custom chair where the fabric might take 3-4 weeks from the order date. Then, the upholsterer would need 6 weeks to make the piece starting from the fabric’s arrival in the workroom.

Once the order is set, we can calculate the chair’s ETA from that point. However, if you have a specific deadline in mind, we can accommodate that too. This might involve using readily available, non-custom items to meet the target date. We’ll have a chat about the available options together. Once the items have arrived and any major renovation works are complete, the big Room Reveal is done in a day. All of your furniture, furnishings and styling will be installed in one day.

New Build

When you’ve got a draft layout with your architect, it’s a perfect moment for me to step in and evaluate your plans. It’s smart to book me in advance, so try to reach out at least 8 weeks before this stage. During this time, I’ll review essential aspects such as furniture arrangement, flow zones, the budget for window furnishings, positioning of lighting, studs in walls for heavy items, switch plate placement, and provisions for built-in cabinetry like nib walls.


For renovation projects, the same principle applies – get in touch with us right from the start.

Yes. Our Room Reveal is a complete design service. Using our 10-Step Design Process, we take care of everything, design, procurement, managing trades, renovation site checks, installation and styling, so you don’t have to.

Yes! We’ve done some beautiful homes throughout NZ. Most of the communication is done via video.

Certainly, there’s an alternative! Introducing our Weave Your Magic Consultations – an excellent choice for those eager to drive their project while seeking expert guidance.

The price for this transformative experience is $655 + GST, encompassing the ‘Define Your Story & Style’ exercise, the 2-hour consultation, and my comprehensive Home Interior Guide.

Following the consultation, you have the flexibility to retain my services at an hourly rate of $190 + GST.

Most of the time, you are working directly with me. I have a small but amazing team who will connect with you during the various stages of the project. :)

A word from our clients…

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Hayley recently. She was amazing. She spoke simply in easy-to-understand concepts, but more importantly, she wasn’t trying to turn you into another version of her, but she was offering tips and treasures to help us be a better version of ourselves and create spaces in our homes that we would love.
Danielle Tane
Hayley was recommended to me by a friend who had seen her work and was highly impressed. From our first meeting, she clearly understood what I wanted to accomplish in my home. The result was simply stunning; the process was seamless and enjoyable, from the paint colours to the furniture and accessories. I would highly recommend her when it comes to decorating your home.
Caroline Glucina

After moving from a large home and downsizing to an apartment, Hayley’s help in planning and choosing new furniture, and also adapting pieces brought with me to fit the space and feel of the apartment, has been invaluable! Her knowledge and understanding of my style and needs have been exceptional.

Jenny Bownes