About Hayley-Anne Brown

I believe in creating homes with a heart. Your home should be a reflection of your own unique story and a place you love to be. My own journey has always been filled with creativity. Growing up surrounded by the land, I would seek out beauty in everyday objects and weave them into my own space. I developed a deep connection with colour and would push the boundaries to create my own sense of style. Hours were spent crafting bespoke furniture pieces and styling them with an eclectic mix of found objects. My future in interior design was cemented when I graduated with a Bachelor of Design (with honours). I have since won a number of interior design awards and have over 10 years’ experience throughout New Zealand and Australia. Establishing relationships with skilled and trusted craftspeople has been a key part of my business. I love the process of layering colour, pattern and texture with art and much-loved pieces from my client’s home – creating homes that are timeless and beautiful yet unique in their execution. I want your interior to work for you and to delight you everyday. Let’s work together to achieve this.
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