Hello, today I’m showing you how to put a cushion scheme together. Getting your cushions right is important for your home interior. It’s the key to finishing off a space beautifully. Explore my cushion ideas and watch this video below where I talk through these techniques:

Cushion Ideas Method 1 – Three Colours, Three Sizes of Patterns

cushion ideas method 1

Select three colours, in this scheme I have

  1. Black
  2. Cream
  3. Tan

Use fabrics with varying textures or patterns. I’ve used:

  1. Large plaid
  2. Medium plaid
  3. Plain (I’ve used leather, other options could be linen, velvet, wool, cotton etc.)

Additional cushion ideas include mixing and matching geometric prints, florals, and solids. Consider adding trims like tassels or fringes for extra texture. Use a combination of square and rectangular cushions to create visual interest.

Cushion Ideas Method 2 – One Colour, Various Textures And Tones

cushion ideas method 2

In this example, I’ve chosen the colour teal blue. When you’re using just one colour, you must play with texture and pattern to bring interest. If you need a burst of energy in this scheme, I recommend throwing “a spanner in the works.” This is where you throw something random in the mix. It may be a fabric with a bold pattern, contrast or colour.

Cushion Ideas Method 3 – Start With The Hero And Go From There

cushion ideas method 3

Start with the hero fabric. Something that calls to you. Something you absolutely love. Then select fabrics that complement this hero fabric. Remember, the hero fabric is the star, so when selecting other fabrics, they need to complement rather than fight for attention. Incorporating these cushion ideas will help you create a cohesive and stylish look for your home interior. Watch the video above for more detail!

By incorporating these cushion ideas—using three colours with different textures, focusing on one colour with varying tones, or starting with a hero fabric—you can easily create a stylish look. Experiment and enjoy mixing and matching until you find the perfect combination that reflects your personal style. Your home interior will effortlessly achieve a polished and inviting feel.

The fabrics used in these schemes were sourced from Warwick, Seneca, James Dunlop and Textilia.

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