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Wallpaper can be polarising. If you’re in the “never, it’s not for me” camp, I’m confident I can change your mind with these wallpaper tips and tricks. I’m currently seeing some incredible designs and innovations in the wallpaper industry. It’s a simple way to personalise your space, instantly adding a touch of elegance and understated luxury.

Is wallpaper still in style? 

Absolutely! The top interiors worldwide, whether in luxury hotels or homes, are embracing wallpaper. No longer are plain walls the norm. Every surface, including walls and ceilings, is being considered. Whether it’s wallpaper, panelling, wainscoting, plaster, or feature paint, every wall is given life.


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Wallpaper Tips and Tricks: Should I Do a Feature Wall?

While there’s a time for feature walls, I prefer fully wallpapering all walls in a space to create a cohesive look. If opting for just one wallpapered wall, consider painting the remaining walls in the same background colour for a unified appearance. Or if you’re brave and want to inject some fun, use a combination of two difference wallpapers as we did in this adorable little girl’s room.

wallpaper tips and tricks girls bedroom by lou brown design

How do you settle on a style?

When it comes to choosing wallpaper for your home, it’s important to let your personal style guide your decision. We use our Your Story and Style exercise to help clients confidently know their unique style. Don’t worry about following trends or maintaining a consistent flow throughout the house. Instead, focus on creating diverse, distinctive spaces that reflect your unique personality and taste. Wallpaper tip: To help you make the right choice, consider ordering samples to see how natural light affects the texture and colour of the wallpaper. Here’s an image of the wallpaper we specified for a client’s ceiling.

wallpaper tips and tricks wallpaper to ceiling by lou brown design

Bathroom wallpaper installation tips and tricks

Yes, you can. Vinyl wallpaper, especially with adequate ventilation, is suitable for bathrooms as it’s not affected by steam and condensation due to its nonporous nature. Non-vinyl wallpaper can also be used in bathrooms with a good adhesive and a thin layer of water-based clear coat applied to the top for protection.

Which rooms should you wallpaper?

Every room deserves beautiful wallpaper on its walls. One of my favourite wallpaper tricks is to use bold wallpaper in a small room like a powder room or laundry, as it creates a sense of tension and drama. Once forgotten, these spaces can be transformed into unforgettable experiences—as illustrated below. In the powder room on the right, we used a vibrant Mathew Williamson wallpaper from Seneca.

wallpaper tips and tricks wallpaper in toilet by lou brown design
bathroom wallpaper

Can I install wallpaper myself? 

While it’s possible to DIY wallpaper installation, it’s not recommended due to its complexity. Proper wall preparation and installation can be tricky. Uneven walls may require plastering before sealing and wallpapering. Wallpaper tip: I recommend starting with a feature wall without doors or windows for the first attempt.

How many rolls of wallpaper should I buy?

Ask an experienced wallpaper installer to determine the quantity needed, especially when using expensive wallpapers. Ordering the correct amount minimizes wastage and ensures colour consistency with the batch number for matching.

textured black wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal: Tips and Tricks for a Clean Process

Should I remove old wallpaper before installing new wallpaper? Yes, removing old wallpaper ensures a smooth, clean, dry, primed, and uniform surface for the best installation of new wallpaper. Most wallpapers, especially those on non-woven substrates, are easy to remove by stripping them off the wall before cleaning and applying new wallpaper.

wallpaper to pantry ceiling

What else can you wallpaper?

Ceilings, often overlooked, can look stunning when wallpapered. Just check out my pantry ceiling! Other options include creating a feature staircase with wallpapered risers or adding wallpaper to the inside back panel of cabinets.

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